On this course you will be “Gristed”. We will give you the skills you need to organise and deliver a compelling presentation. Following our process, delegates will learn how to analyse the audience, understand their needs and match their own strengths to those needs. You will learn the principles of good story telling and how to adapt to a specific audience. You will also explore how to structure, headline and refine their key messages.

We focus on using tried and tested techniques employed by the best public speakers to deliver some of the most memorable speeches. We look at oratorical tricks and how these can be adapted for you. We provide a “kit of parts” for delivering a presentation which is clear, confident and convincing. You will be filmed and your individual performance reviewed. We will show you what you do well and we will help you develop your own presentation style. You will be provided with a copy of the film for future learning.


We have never had a bad presentation, but we believe the Q&A can be the most dangerous part of the process, as it is not under your control. It’s also the time when presenters can let their guard down.  We will teach you how to deal with difficult questions. How to keep the conversation positive no matter how challenging or even rude the question might be.  There are simple principles, borrowed from our media training, which you can employ to ensure that you are the team the client wants to work with. We would design a scenario specifically for your practice to role play specific possibilities. You will be filmed so you can become more self-aware.


Being interviewed by a journalist is a daunting prospect for many people. Grist media training coaches are all highly respected journalists with years of experience of interviewing for television radio and newspapers. Our insight will help you understand how to make the most of any interview opportunity. Our practical training sessions will allow you to work on your technique. And our advice and experience will give you the confidence to put your point across well, no matter how challenging a question may be.

We will use develop “real life” scenarios for you to:

  • Understand the media and how to manage it effectively
  • Learn how to fully prepare for your media interviews
  • Learn how to get your key messages across clearly
  • Speak with greater confidence and influence when talking to the media
  • Learn how to think on your feet and deal with awkward questions

In short, we can help you improve your public image through positive media attention. Even if you are carrying out damage limitation, we can equip you with the best way to do this.


Most executives are good communicators but as they become more senior they face increasing pressure to perform well at conferences and other larger meetings. We will design a coaching programme for individuals, or for senior teams, that deliver skills for your industry. Each programme will be entirely matched to your needs.

One-on-one sessions guarantee confidentiality and give us the privacy to be completely honest. Coaching can be provided either as an intensive one day session or a series of shorter meetings over a longer period of time.


Although we have delivered training across a range of industries from pharmaceuticals to financial services our specialty is the property and construction industries. We believe we have a unique insight into your business which makes our training more effective.

Presentation Training for Construction
Presentation Training for FM
Presentation Training for Architects