So you want to make a video?

The most important question is, why?

Videos cost money, not necessarily a lot of money but enough to need a good reason to spend it.

The answer should always be because you want to make a change. A change in people’s behaviour. You want them to do something – look at a course online, call you up, complete a survey, learn a skill.

The next question is, will they watch it? There are a million videos online with 65 views after 5 years. The only people who watched them right through were the person who paid for it and the person who made it.

So there must be a need for people to watch it. Perhaps you want to recruit people? Good reason. Perhaps you want to keep people near a contraction project informed so they feel you are on their side? Good reason.

It’s an interesting project…. Possibly a good reason, but try to be sure. There are dozens of really great construction videos which have a great reason to exist because they are just great to look at, 24 hour bridge moves, time lapse of amazing transformational projects. But there are lots that are, frankly, meh. And no one ever sees them.

So now you know why you’re making a video, and you know why people will watch it, so what should it cost and what should it look like.

Cost is of course the ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. Videos can cost from £500 to £150000. But be realistic. It TV it costs about £3000 to put a team in a field to shoot for a day, and while corporate films are done in cheaper ways it always will cost money to get good people.

But our advice is contradictory, sorry, but you need to trust video professionals while being careful not to be bamboozled. Some companies stress how important it is to shoot on the latest cameras – called things like Alexa SXT (£80000) – and how quality is important. The cutting edge of video is great for Lucas films, but the latest video cameras shoot something called 6k. We usually shoot something called 1080p which is how many pixels high the image is. It’s actually 1920 pixels across and 1080 high.

6k has 10 times the pixels of 1080. That 19 million pixels per frame. But you are going to put your video on your website at 720p – just under 1 million. So, most of the time you’ve paid for 18 million pixels you dint use.

Everyone wants to make the best thing possible. But be realistic.

What should it look like? Another long, short, string, question. As great as possible. People have short attention spans. They get bored fantastically quickly. So make it AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. Really, really! Short in video is good. A minute is great. Everyone has a minute to spare. But if it’s 11 minutes long NO ONE will watch to the end.

So our advice is, make sure you have a good reason to make a video, take the advice of people who have lots of experience in this area, like er… us. 0784 343 5100