Improving the performance and power of a presentation team when pitching ideas and concepts to clients is absolutely critical, and that is what Grist delivers.

We take a tender team and put them through a rigorous regime to improve all their capabilities when in competitive pitch and tender situations.

We believe we can kick-start a real change in attitude, and begin the process of cultural change so that a client-focussed approach becomes embedded in your processes.

How to create a winning presentation in 5 easy steps


We believe that the winning principles must be established at the start of any bid. As facilitators of this key event we can establish the client at the heart of every aspect of the bid by following a simple process:
1. Analyse the clients needs
2. Analyse our strengths – our ‘win themes’
3. Align their needs to our ‘wins’
4. Create and share a common language for the bid, and the bidding process, so the messages from the team are consistent and unified
5. Unify the bid team behind consistent messages

Output: A report which summarises the meeting and serves as a touchstone for all.


The key to a good bid submission is to get to the root of a question, understand what the client is really asking and to provide an answer which will give them confidence that you can deliver for them. One of our well facilitated answer planning workshops will help you:

  • Understand what the question means
  • Define your key messages
  • Help you plan a well structured answer
  • Prepare headlines and conclusions
  • Identify your evidence
  • Crucially convert features to benefits.

Our specialist bid writes can also work with you to shape your answer and to analyse your information against requirements.


If you are through to the presentation stage you have convinced your client you can do the job. Now you have to convince them that you are the team to work with. Good presentations demonstrate:

  • Consistency of message
  • Clarity of message
  • A joined-up team

A well-rehearsed team is always more open, more confident and more relaxed. An open, confident and relaxed team is one that the client will want to work with. We specialise in preparing operational staff for bid presentations.

Have you been Gristed?


We have never had a bad presentation, but we have seen Q&A go wrong. That is why we spend as much time preparing for Q&A as the presentations themselves. We have a simple formula for successful Q&A which, if followed, will create a positive and open atmosphere.

Firstly every question must get a positive response, even if it is a rude question.

Secondly, every question must be answered accurately.

Thirdly and most importantly, every question must be seen as an opportunity to reinforce our key messages – our ‘wins’.

We bring the best of our media training techniques to guide you towards a positive conversation.


Scenario Preparation

In construction and civils it is increasingly common to have to role play a scenario in front of the client. It is absolutely vital to prepare for this thoroughly. Your technical skills will be tested, but more importantly, your ability to demonstrate your teamwork and collaboration.


To support your presentation we can produce high quality visuals from Films to PowerPoint to Prezi. Just ask, we can do it.

We love films in presentations and specialise in “uncorporate videos” which will show off your abilities without looking showy.